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starting a dental practice

Starting a Dental Practice in 2023

Let’s face it– you didn’t pull all-nighters studying for the DAT and then work tirelessly for a DDS to learn how to run a business. But now that you’ve acquired the expertise necessary to thrive in the dentistry profession, what should you do if you want to launch your own…
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dental patient reactivation

What is Dental Patient Reactivation?

The American Dental Association has officially predicted a rise in the supply of dentists in the United States through 2035. So, now more than ever, dental practices across the country need to make dental patient reactivation efforts to remain competitive and continue to thrive. And every dentist knows how detrimental…
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dental KPIs

Let’s Clarify Dental KPIs

If you run a business, you know it’s always better to understand how things are going before they begin to take any turns. Knowing how your team and practice are performing at any given moment gives you the info you need to keep things running smoothly and successfully. But what…
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