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blueprint dental

A Blueprint Dental Strategy for Success

A blueprint is a set of plans that provide details on how an architect wants a building to look. It includes everything that composes the building. It shows not only what the building looks like but how to build it. Building a successful business requires a plan too. Creating a…
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your dental practice

How to Make Your Dental Practice Stand Out

Running your own dental practice means having your eyes on many different things at once. One of those things is how to make your dental practice stand out from the competition. Answering this means uncovering a few key elements on what makes a dental practice successful and creating a to-do…
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dental referrals

Ideas to Boost Your Patient List

The best way to grow your practice is to increase the number of new patients you see each month, but how to attract new patients requires a strategy. One strategy is dental referrals from your existing patients. Making a dental referral program a part of your marketing plan influences your…
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