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Dentistry Was Exhausting, Until We Developed Clarify

Running your practice can feel overwhelming without a system that simplifies the demands of being a CEO.

Developed For Dentists

Work/Life Balance

More Success

Why Should Your Business Control Your Life?

We’ve been there.

From running one dental practice to founding large ventures, finding a balance between dentist and CEO feels impossible. After years of trial and error, we developed a process any dentist can use to take control of their life back from their business.
We call it Clarify.

We Developed Clarify So Dentists Could Live A Balanced Working Life

We know firsthand the toll being a dentist and a CEO can take on your time, your relationships, and your overall enjoyment of life. We developed the Clarify process to help other dentists avoid burnout and enjoy their practices.

A Proven Process
That Works

Used By
9-Figure Businesses

Developed With Dentists In Mind

What Clarify Does For You

A Clear View Of Your Business

We’ll work with you to document every unique process in your business, giving you consistency and clarity on every aspect of your practice.

A Smoother Running Business

We’ll show you how to leverage your newfound clarity into a more efficient, more profitable, and less demanding dental practice.

Take Back Your Time (And Life)

By leveraging better systems and processes, you’ll be able to have more time to focus on what’s important to you outside of running your practice.

What We Care About

Your Success

We want your dental practice to thrive, and we want you, your team, and your patients to thrive as well.

Work/Life Balance

We want you to strike the right balance between your practice and the important things in your life.


We want you to know what makes your practice unique, and what you need to do to keep your business healthy.


By documenting your business processes, we want everything you do to be repeatable and scalable.

See Clarify Working For Others Dentists

Clarify Your Practice And Take Back Your Life